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We are thrilled to offer the exciting opportunity for a professional, passionate and enthusiastic medical student to join our newly expanding admissions team as a Medical Admissions Advisor at Contour MedPrep!

At Contour, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional, well-rounded tutoring services that provide comprehensive learning for our students. As a Medical Admissions Advisor, your contribution through student and parent consultations will assist students in their medical preparation journey and particularly their transition between our UCAT and Interview courses, as well as their final admission into medical or dental school. Your knowledge and expertise in the medical admissions field will provide a cutting-edge service that provides a friendly yet professional consulting service to aid students in the often complicated and nuanced process of Medical Admissions.

This isn’t just any advisory role; it’s a first-of-its-kind service that requires someone with extensive knowledge in the medical admissions field and passion in supporting students through professionalism and dedication. We strive to remain Australia’s Leading Medical Preparation Program, and as a medical admissions advisor you will be a vital component of our vision, embodying our commitment to support and excellence during this crucial phase of a student’s education.

Who Are We

Contour MedPrep is a leading medical preparation program that currently specialises in comprehensive UCAT and Interview preparation, aiming to empower and support the next generation of healthcare professionals in the highly competitive yet often daunting process of gaining entry into medical school. 

Our UCAT course aligns itself with the objective of the UCAT, rigorously training students in the mental abilities and skills of a successful doctor or dentist, through engaging group lessons, comprehensive and abundant resources, live mock exams, 24/7 student support and so much more! We are extremely committed to innovative and results-driven medical preparation, with industry-first initiatives such as our Live UCAT Testing Centre and student accountability system propelling our 2023 students to an industry-leading median UCAT score of 3040+, one student even setting the world record score of 3590! 

Over 3,000 students and 100 staff have joined our tutoring services since our founding in 2020. This year, we have successfully expanded our in-person Live Testing Centres to Brisbane and Sydney, with over 1000 bookings, and hundreds of new enrolments from all over Australia.  Our growth is a testament to our dedication to providing ALL our students and parents with a high-quality tutoring experience (from 24/7 personal support to on-demand resources) and our commitment to helping them achieve their goals. We were listed as the 17th Fastest Growing Startup by the Australian Financial Review in 2022, and we're continuing to multiply year over year! It's our vision to reshape education, starting with tutoring.

The Role

At Contour, we understand that the journey to medical and dental school often involves confusion and complexity. We know that many schools and medical preparation companies struggle with providing clear guidance on the countless requirements for entry into university programs across Australia and New Zealand. For this reason, the ever-evolving nature of university course structures and application processes can be overwhelming for students and parents alike. 

That’s where you come in! As a Medical Admissions Advisor, you will play a pivotal role in demystifying this daunting process. Your mission will be to bridge the gaps between UCAT testing, medical interviews, and the intricate tertiary application procedures. Through 1-on-1 consultations and text/email support, you will be the guiding light in helping our students navigate each step of their journey with confidence. This role is not simply a typical tutoring role, but it is a highly specialised service which demands an in-depth understanding of academic thresholds, application procedures, and unique considerations for each student. You will need to possess adaptability, interpersonal skills, and a sense of empathy towards students and parents, understanding both their aspirations and anxieties.

The role is multi-faceted and highly collaborative, as it requires seamless coordination with both our UCAT and Interview Preparation teams at Contour. Your collaboration with these teams is instrumental in creating a cohesive and supportive pathway for our students, thereby maintaining the high standards of guidance and support that Contour MedPrep prides itself on.

With the exception of the initial in-person training, the Medical Admissions advisory role is predominantly remote, offering the flexibility to balance professional and personal commitments. You will rely on your solid knowledge base, unwavering commitment, and excellent communication skills to excel in this role. This is an opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of aspiring medical and dental students, guiding them toward their dreams with clarity and confidence. Join us at Contour MedPrep and be a part of a dedicated team that will change the face of medical admissions support!

Why Contour, and Why This Role?

Working in our collaborative environment with an energetic team is a fantastic opportunity to let your social personality thrive, hone your knowledge and learn heaps along the way! 

At Contour MedPrep, you’ll get an inside look at one of the fastest growing start-ups in education in Australia. Our team is super driven and hard-working, but we’re all easy-going and friendly, and we love our frequent (paid-for 😉) team dinners and meet-ups, where you’ll get to talk and vibe with everyone.

Our goal is to reshape education, starting with tutoring. We think there's an opportunity for a brand and organisation to create a significant impact on school-level education in Australia. We believe, through the implementation of technology and modern business practices, learning can be much more enjoyable and effective for students. As we progress, our small steps start to become big strides, as we make major advances in the resources & support we provide to our students.

This isn't a regular admin or sales role where you'll deal with boring paperwork or rude customers. Instead, you'll have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of young people - both parents and students - throughout the week. You'll get to have banter, they'll share fun stories, and you'll also get an opportunity to be a supportive figure in the students' final years at school.

There is a large and rapidly increasing interest from new students for our medical preparation program, so you'll have many opportunities to talk to people and let your personality shine. We know that as current medical students, each one of you would recall the daunting process that is applying to medicine or dentistry. In this support role, we want you to share your stories and experiences with students and help them grow confidence in their chances of success with entry into the medical field! 

Comprehensive Training & Support

Working in a collaborative environment and an energetic team can be a fantastic opportunity to hone your interpersonal skills and learn so much along the way! 

When you join, you'll be properly onboarded with all the support and personal feedback you need to settle in, and you'll work closely with our leadership team and Head of Medical Admissions to upskill and refine your communication and problem-solving skills. You'll also be thoroughly introduced to all our CRM software and consultation documentation, and will be familiarised with our current course structures including our UCAT and Interview courses.

By the end of your training, the role will become very familiar to you, and you will feel comfortable running 1-on-1 medical admissions consultations to enhance students’ experiences! You'll also be engaged with the rest of the team through routine catch-ups, and over time you'll receive further perks and work opportunities.

Key Responsibilities

As one of our Medical Admissions Advisors, your main tasks will include (but are not limited to):

  • Running 30-Minute 1-On-1 Consultations for Students and Parents. These are generally scheduled soon after their UCAT exams, and are designed to assist students in planning their medical/dental career pathway and transition through to our Interview Program, whilst answering their questions and documenting an Applications Plan for them. 
  • Responding to Student, Parent & Staff Admissions Enquiries via Text/Email/Call, including any questions about university requirements, minimum ATAR/UCAT scores, variations in application processes etc. 

Expected Work Hours

  • Highly Flexible Work Schedule 
  • Minimum 10 Hours Weekly 1-On-1 Consultations 
    • For each week, you can specify the times during which you will be available for students/parents to book their consultation.
    • So, you have complete freedom to decide how you divide up your work hours throughout the week! The only restriction is that students are unavailable for consultations during school hours :) 
  • NOTE: The time requirements above are estimates. There is an option to work more or less than the hours above, depending on your schedule and preference, so just let us know!


  • $40/hr + Super


Skill Requirements

  • 🙏 Honesty and Integrity
  • 🤝 Excellent People Skills
  • 💞 High Level of Empathy 
  • 🗣️ Exceptional Communication Skills
  • 🔎 Detail-Oriented & Organised
  • 🔥 Energy and Enthusiasm
  • 💪 Independence & Proactiveness
  • 🤝 Ability to Build and Maintain Relationships
  • 👂 Willing to Listen, Learn & Lead
  • 👔 Professionalism when Required

Experience Requirements

  • Mandatory
    • 💯 Completed VCE (or Interstate Equivalent)
    • 📜 Completed the UCAT 
    • 🎓 Studying Medicine or Dentistry in Australia (or already graduated)
  • Ideal
    • 💯 98+ ATAR (or Equivalent)
    • ⭐️ UCAT Score in 90th Percentile or above
    • 🗺️ Experience applying to 3+ different medical/dental schools in Australia and/or New Zealand
    • 🕒 Prior tutoring, mentoring or leadership experience

NOTE: These are not hard-fast requirements; however, they are favourable to your application.

Personal Requirements

  • ☃️ Young, Passionate, and Engaged (we want you to be energetic and relatable with our students!)
  • 💖 Genuine Desire to Help Students & Parents (it's our goal to help students achieve their potential!)
  • Ability to Commit to Hours (e.g. can't constantly reschedule or miss work)
  • 🚗 Travel to our Glen Waverley Campus, for initial onboarding & training. 
  • 🤫 Sign an NDA (e.g. can't distribute our resources/company info to others)
  • Agree to a non-compete clause (i.e you can't work with similar organisations)



  • Competitive benefits and pay ($40/hr + super!), recognising the pivotal role of student mentorship and career advisory.
  • Satisfying and fulfilling work helping students succeed (it feels good when students achieve their dreams!).
  • Primary focus on providing an excellent student/parent experience (no hassle with boring admin work).
  • Significant improvement in public speaking, teamwork and leadership skills (and you get paid for it).
  • Personalised training and feedback to improve your professionalism and communication skills.
  • Creative freedom in a fun start-up environment (no corporate walls, talk directly to the founders or students).
  • Opportunities to do more work, and performance-based pay rises.

This is not just any other admin or tutoring job; it’s a calling for someone committed to providing an excellent student experience, and supporting students in their medical preparation journeys! If you're people-oriented and passionate about education, we want to hear from you - apply now, and become a part of our mission to reshape education :)

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