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How to Answer "What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?" (With Sample Answers)

When preparing for a job interview, you may encounter the question, "What is your greatest accomplishment?" This question gives you the opportunity to showcase your professional successes and reveal the qualities that you believe are most valuable in your work.

It's a moment to reflect on your past experiences and select an achievement that aligns with the job you're applying for, affirming your capability, work ethic, and dedication.

Answering this interview question effectively requires strategic thinking. Choose an accomplishment that demonstrates your skills and the impact you've made in your previous roles. It's essential to articulate not just what you achieved but also how you achieved it, highlighting your problem-solving skills and the drive behind your professional milestones.

Remember, interviewers are interested in how your experiences have prepared you for the potential role, and your answer should underscore the alignment of your past accomplishments with the future expectations of the position you desire.

Why Interviewers Ask This?

Interviewers are keen on understanding not only your past successes but also how you define achievement. This question provides a multifaceted glimpse into your professional persona, allowing interviewers to identify what you value in your career and how it aligns with the potential role. Here are key reasons why this question is a staple in interviews:

The answer you provide acts as a benchmark for your accomplishments in relation to the remote role you're applying for. They assess if you have a history of achieving meaningful outcomes that can be translated into future success at their organization. Your greatest accomplishment thus stands as a testament to your abilities and potential for growth.

How To Answer 'What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?'

When interviewers ask about your greatest accomplishment, they are looking for concrete examples of your success and work ethic. Your response should showcase your skills and the impact you've made in your career or personal life.

Highlighting Key Achievements

Structuring Your Answer

  1. Begin with a clear summary of the achievement.
  2. Elaborate on the challenges or context.
  3. Detail the actions you took and the skills you applied.
  4. End with the results, quantifying the success where possible.

Using the STAR Method

By employing these strategies, your answer will not only convey your success but also demonstrate your methodical approach and ability to communicate your achievements effectively.

Sample Answers by Scenario

Crafting a response to "What is your greatest accomplishment?" requires you to reflect on your personal experiences and communicate them effectively. The following sample answers are tailored for different scenarios to assist you in showcasing your unique achievements and attributes.

Sample Answer For Experienced Professionals

Your years of experience have given you a wealth of accomplishments to choose from. Focus on an achievement that showcases your leadership and productivity. Example:

"I led a team to deliver an ambitious project under budget and ahead of schedule, which not only increased our department's efficiency by 20% but also resulted in securing a high-value client. My approach combined strategic planning with motivational leadership."

Sample Answer For Recent Graduates

As a recent graduate, highlight experiences during your university years that showcase initiative and learning. Example:

"While at university, I balanced a rigorous academic schedule with leadership roles in student organizations. My greatest accomplishment was spearheading a scholarship fundraiser, which involved coordinating events and managing teams, resulting in a 30% increase in scholarship funds."

Sample Answer For Career Changers

Career changers can demonstrate adaptability and skill transfer. Highlight your ability to learn and succeed in different fields. Example:

"After a successful career in education, I pivoted to the tech industry. My proudest achievement was during my first year when I utilized my transferable skills to lead a project that improved our software's user experience, leading to a 25% increase in customer satisfaction."


Remember, interviewers look beyond the face value of your accomplishment to discern underlying qualities such as leadership, initiative, and resilience. Your examples should ideally quantify the impact in terms of figures or percentages, which translates your success into a language remote companies understand. Knowing these aspects helps them gauge if you are a good fit for their team and the broader company vision.

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