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Stunning Remote Job Description Template

For every company looking to hire an employee for a specific job, there are numerous obstacles to overcome to find the right person. One of these is attracting the right candidates. A Remote Job Description Template is a document that includes information about the company, position, and instructions for applying remotely. It helps companies find talented employees and enables the hiring managers to get a clear idea of what they are looking for and how they can communicate their needs better. It can be used for any remote position, such as customer service, virtual assistant, and more. Post a remote job every candidate wants to apply, with us.


Remote Job Description Template

After reviewing hundreds of remote job listings on DailyRemote, we have developed the generic free remote job listing template for you to use. Post a remote job with us. If you're a candidate looking for a remote job, sign up to receive the latest remote jobs!


Job Description

Company Description

Explain here why your company's awesome, including the COMPANY’s mission, working style, history, and everything exciting about it.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Include details and a clear outline of the responsibilities of the position.
  • You need to list all of the things your new remote worker will do
  • Who will they work with? Who will they report to?
  • When do you expect your candidates to be available, do you have any obligations for them on-site, etc.
  • Makr sure to mention all the traveling to be done, meetings to attended, extra long hours of work if required to be done, and work with tight deadlines should be included.
  • Be transparent with your remote expectations from candidates. Is it mandatory to attend all the meetings?


  • State what is REQUIRED & what is OPTIONAL.
  • Be specific about the experiences, education, skills, and abilities that you’re looking for in a job seeker.
  • Explain clearly about timezone, country, and language requirements, if applicable to the job.
  • List out what technical and soft skills the candidate needs to have to fulfill their duties and expectations of the job.
  • Be upfront and write specifically about any travels, either retreats or business trips required by the job.


  • Mention all benefits offered by the company such as Health insurance, a 401(k) with a matching benefit, unlimited paid time off, student loan matching benefit, insurance, vacation, family perks/policies, bonuses, and allowance for training and education
  • If your company hosts gatherings that include every employee and cover the expenses, you should definitely put that in writing.
  • Also mention stipend offered and home office hardware provided such as a new laptop, other tools, health and wellness stipend, and whatever else your company provides.

Your technology

Include your tech stack such as Ruby on Rails, Rust, AWS, Heroku, PostgreSQL, or other technologies you use and any other specific tools used.

Who Should Apply?

Describe the ideal candidate you’re looking for. List out the characteristics and soft skills required in an ideal candidate who should apply to this job.

About Us/ Who We Are / Our Story

  • Promote your company mission, core values, and culture.
  • Share what you’re solving for your customers, the company's goals, principles, failures, and successes.
  • Mention all the perks and benefits your company offers
  • Mention your ways of working, levels of inclusion, work policy, as well as how a typical workday operates, how does the team meets, and what are the meeting schedules a everyday.
  • Share your company's take on diversity & inclusion as well equality and state your commitment to providing equal opportunities to job seekers and employees.
  • Share all the tools you use/love
  • Share a Salary Range to attract top qualified candidates (eg. $60,000-$150,000)
  • & Employment status
  • Also mention if your hiring for full time positions or contract and part-time roles.
  • Also answer questions like "Is salary calculated locally or globally?"

What your take on being remote? Your Remote Philosophy

  • Include details about your remote situation. Are you remote-first or remote-friendly or hybrid?
  • Are you looking for candidates in a specific region or time zone?
  • Why are you a remote company?
  • When do you hold meetups or retreats? Ex: We meet on a yearly basis for in-person team retreats (all flights and accommodations are covered) and have team meetings once a week online
  • Clarify any restrictions on location ( "US citizens only" ≠ "US time zones only" ≠ "US locations only")
  • How do you collaboration? Is overlap required? How many hours? Any asynchronous work?

How to Apply/ Application Process

  • How long will the process last, how many steps are there?
  • How soon can a candidate expect to hear back? Do you reply to all?
  • Brief summary of the next steps for successful candidates
  • What should the candidate expect in the coming weeks ?
  • How would you help them to grow in the job if hired?

Post Your Remote Job

Remote Job Posting Tips

  1. Start with an accurate and easily searchable job title

    A job title is one of the most important aspects that will determine the success of a job posting. It should be catchy and contain keywords for easy search. Job titles should be targeted to reach potential employees with the skillset to fill the position. Avoid using jargon that would confuse readers and focus on details.

    Write a clear and straightforward title for the job. Job seekers will find the job easily searchable with common words like "seo marketer," "software engineer," "content writer," and "customer service." Using expressions like ninja, guru, or rockstar might be creative, but it won't get you the correct candidates.

  2. Tell about your company in detail

    Describe the company's environment and culture. You should always include an introduction to your company so that potential candidates know what they are getting themselves into. The job posting is an essential element in the recruitment process. It reflects what the company is looking for and gives a sense of who the company is.

    A well-written job description can attract potential employees and show them that the company cares about their needs and wants to communicate with them.

  3. Make your job description unique

    Start with a short and effective job description to entice potential candidates to apply. A successful job posting captures a candidate's attention and makes them want to work for the company in a way that is specific to their needs.

    Include metrics to track performance and any other information that will help determine if the candidate is a good fit for the role. A successful job posting will offer a positive and inviting description of the company and the position, essential for attracting qualified candidates.

  4. Explain the responsibilities and duties for the job role in detail

    Include clear and specific responsibilities of this position. Letting the candidate know exactly what they will be doing is vital for them to understand if they will like working for your company or not. State the responsibilities of the job upfront, along with any remote situation requirements. When hiring remote workers, this is an essential factor that needs to be highlighted early on in your job posting.

  5. State all-important requirements for the job

    Add requirements and skills required to do this position well, such as previous experience, knowledge about the topic, etc.Share any location or schedule expectations that are required by the job. Carefully mention what skills are your must-haves and how much experience is required by the job.

  6. Introduce the team and team members

    Employers should set out what they expect from their employees and provide information about the work environment they will be working in along with the team members and managers. They should also include a career path for those who want to climb up the ranks in their company.

    Use pictures and videos to familiarize the team with the candidate. Introduce hiring managers and the recruiter to let candidates know who they will be working with and who they can expect during the interviews.

  7. Describe the ideal candidate perfect for the job

    The ideal candidate would not only have the required technical and soft skills but would also fit perfectly with your company's culture and work environment. Include information about what will be expected from the ideal employee in terms of time commitment or remote situation. Avoid vague descriptions and mention what qualities you seek, such as team worker, good communication skills, etc.

  8. Mention all the benefits and perks the job offers to lock them in

    A company should try and include any benefits available for employees in the job post so that the potential candidate knows what they're signing up for.

    This includes paid time off, sick days, vacation days, bonuses, or any other perk that could benefit them. It also consists of any health care plan available at the company. Focus on motivation and benefits so that applicants feel they won't miss out on anything if they join your team!

  9. Pin down your remote philosophy and company culture

    I The remote situation will require detailed explanations about how someone can work remotely while being productive. It should also include detailed descriptions about what it's like to work at your company to show applicants what they can expect if they get hired.

    Include all the information about how remote the position actually is, when do you expect your candidates to be available if they need to fit into a time zone, attend any meetings out of schedule meetings, or in any way adapt to an inflexible schedule, do you have any obligations for them on-site, put that in the job ad. Flexible work from home or remote work could mean many things to many people, so be as specific as you can, to avoid any misunderstandings.

  10. List and break down the application process

    The company should offer clear instructions on how they would like the applicant to apply or include links to various forms of application submission.

Some Helpful Remote Hiring Tips:

  • Incorporate remote relevant keywords in your job posting to get more visibility. A few examples:
    • Remote job
    • Work remotely
    • Remote work
    • Online work from home job
    • Telecommute
    • Work from home
    • Virtual job
    • At-home job
    • Home-based
  • Avoid using jargon that would confuse readers and focus on details such as location, salary range, and benefits package to attract top-tier candidates.
  • Make sure you have a clear title and a detailed description that is easy to read and understand, and the language is more relatable to the candidate.
  • Approach the process of writing a job posting to match it to your company's culture and values.
  • Your goal should be to produce a concise, compelling, and consistent message that will attract top talent to your organization.
  • Being a remote company, specify all you have to offer, including a coworking space, a remote work setup, and other perks to excite and maintain high-quality remote workers.
  • Get your job features on DailyRemote to get maximum exposure and reach quality candidates quickly.

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