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Hiring remotely is harder.

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  1. Posted job will be visible on our our website for 30 days, once the payment goes through. You'll receive a confirmation email from Paddle, our Merchant of Record, with the invoice. You can request the copy of Invoice by contacting us anytime in the future.
  2. For Volume pricing, discounts, and/or monthly subscription, contact us. We're always looking to partner with remote companies and are flexible with pricing.
  3. For convenience, you can forward the payment link to anyone, eg. your Finance department, who will complete the payment on your behalf. To pay later, click Pay and publish button and choose Pay Later option. You'll be presented with an alert with the URL you can copy to clipboard and forward to anyone. Your job details are safely saved on our servers as a draft. Once the payment is completed, the job will be posted in a few minutes.
  4. To edit or repost a posted job, and for any further queries please contact us.