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How to Answer The Interview Question "What Sets You Apart From Other Candidates?" (With Sample Answers)

During a job interview, the question "What sets you apart from other candidates?" is a golden opportunity to showcase your unique skills and experiences. It allows you to demonstrate to the interviewer or hiring manager why you are the ideal fit for the position.

Your answer should highlight how your particular blend of talents, work history, and personal attributes aligns with the needs of the company and the remote job you're applying for.

To craft a compelling response, reflect on your past successes, relevant skills, and any specific contributions you could make. Remember, the aim is to confidently convey your value without downplaying the potential worth of other candidates.

Why Employers Ask This?

Employers are keen to understand what unique qualities and skills you bring to the table. They ask, "What sets you apart from other candidates?" for a few critical reasons:

How To Answer This Question?

When preparing to answer, "What Sets You Apart From Other Candidates?", reflect on your unique experiences and qualifications. Avoid generalities and focus on specific attributes that relate directly to the job and company culture. Utilize the following steps to structure your response:

Identify Your Unique Skills:

Highlight Your Achievements:

Showcase Your Soft Skills:

Explain Your Motivation:

Fit with Company Culture:

Customizing this structure with your details will make your response both memorable and compelling. Remember, confidence is key but should always be backed by concrete examples.

Mistakes To Avoid While Answering

When responding to the interview question, "What sets you apart from other candidates?", it's crucial to communicate your unique value without falling into common pitfalls. Here are several mistakes to avoid:

Sample Answers

When you're in an job interview and get asked, "What sets you apart from other candidates?" it's your moment to shine. Here are three sample answers to help you prepare your response.

Sample Answer 1: The Problem Solver

"I pride myself on my problem-solving abilities. Not only do I tackle issues head-on, but I also proactively identify potential challenges before they arise. For example, in my last role as product manager, I was able to reduce the project turnaround time by 20% by foreseeing a scheduling conflict and realigning resources ahead of time."

Sample Answer 2: The Team Player

"In the past, my colleagues have praised my team-centric attitude. I firmly believe that listening to others and incorporating diverse perspectives leads to success. During a major team project, my suggestion to adopt a collaborative software led to a 30% improvement in communication and project cohesiveness."

Sample Answer 3: The Lifelong Learner

"My continuous desire to learn sets me apart. I am committed to personal growth and development, which I demonstrated when I took the initiative to become certified in the latest industry technologies as a frontend developer, resulting in optimized workflows and a 15% increase in productivity for my team."

Examples of Bad Answers

These types of responses can come across as arrogant, ungrounded, or disrespectful, and don't provide concrete evidence of your unique skills or qualifications. They fail to effectively communicate what genuinely sets you apart in a positive and professional manner.

  1. Arrogance: "I'm sure I'm much smarter and more skilled than anyone else you're interviewing. It's rare to find someone with my level of intelligence and talent."
  2. Lack of Specifics: "I'm just different, you know? I can't really explain how, but I assure you there's no one else like me."
  3. Negative Comparison: "Most people you're interviewing probably don't work hard and aren't as committed as I am. They likely lack my level of dedication and expertise."
  4. Overconfidence in Unproven Skills: "I have no experience in this field, but I'm certain I'll outperform anyone else you're considering because I catch on quickly and am generally great at everything."
  5. Vague or Cliché Statements: "I'm a hard worker and a team player. I always give 110% to everything I do."
  6. Disparaging Remarks About Other Candidates: "Other candidates might not be as motivated or intelligent as I am. I've seen how people in this industry work, and I know I'm superior."


Remember to tailor your answer to the job description and reflect on how your unique skills and experiences can bring value to the position and the company. Your response gives you the opportunity to convey the unique blend of abilities and past experiences you've cultivated, demonstrating a perfect match for the remote position.

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