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How to Answer "Tell Me About Yourself?" in an Interview (With Sample Answers)

The "Tell me about yourself" interview question is a common icebreaker in many job interview, serving as a gateway to your professional background and personality. It's your opportunity to make a memorable first impression, allowing you to frame your narrative and highlight experiences that align with the role you're pursuing.

Crafting a compelling response requires balance---showcasing your skills and achievements while remaining succinct and relevant to the job at hand.

Consider structuring your answer to provide a snapshot of your career, key accomplishments, and explaining what motivates you or how your goals intersect with the company's vision. Avoid reciting your resume; instead, focus on telling a cohesive story that illustrates your unique value.

Why Employers Ask This?

Employers often kick off an interview with the prompt "Tell me about yourself" to get a sense of who you are as a professional. This open-ended question serves multiple purposes:

The way you answer can showcase your:

Your answer should be a brief trailer of your professional journey, highlighting key achievements and experiences that align with the job you're applying for. Use this opportunity to give them a reason to want to know more about you.

How to Answer This?

When preparing to answer "Tell Me About Yourself?" in an interview situation, focus on organizing your thoughts to efficiently convey your relevant work experiences, showcase your professional skills, and express your long-term career goals. Ensure that each component of your response is tailored to the position, reflects your strengths, and demonstrates the impact you can make.

Highlighting Your Experiences

Begin by reviewing your work experience, selecting key achievements and responsibilities that align with the job's requirements. List your experiences chronologically, starting with the most recent. For each role, pick one or two significant accomplishments that had a positive impact on the organization.

Demonstrating Your Skills

Next, underscore your skills and strengths that are relevant to the job and differentiate you from other candidates. This can include both technical skills and soft skills. Present each skill with a concise example of how you've applied it in a professional context.

Conveying Your Career Goals

Finally, articulate your career aspirations with confidence, connecting them to the potential new role. Demonstrate how this position is a step towards those goals, reflecting your enthusiasm about the opportunities this job presents.

Researching the Company

When preparing your answer to "Tell Me About Yourself?" in an interview, it's essential to customize it to demonstrate that you are the ideal candidate for the job. Understanding the company's mission, values, and culture gives you insight into what attributes they value in an employee.

Begin by reviewing the company's website, especially the "About Us" section, recent news releases, and their social media profiles. Take note of any recent achievements or projects that resonate with your own experiences or goals. Mentioning these points can show that your values align with the company's.

Aligning with Job Requirements

Next, scrutinize the job description listed for the position. Identify key skills and experiences the company is looking for, and reflect on how your background matches these requirements. Create a list in which you:

In your answer, explicitly mention these parallels without just reiterating your resume. For example, if the job requires leadership experience, you might say, "In my previous role as a HR team lead, I successfully managed a team of ten and increased overall productivity by 20%, which I believe prepares me for the managerial responsibilities of this position." This not only conveys your suitability but also demonstrates your knowledge of the job's requirements.

Sample Answers

When an interviewer asks, "Tell me about yourself," they're usually looking for a brief, concise overview of who you are and what you bring to the table. Tailor your answer to reflect your professional background, experiences, and the specific job for which you're interviewing. Here are a couple of examples:

Entry-Level Professional:

Experienced Professional:

Tips to Answer "Tell Me About Yourself?" In A Job Interview

When crafting your response to "Tell Me About Yourself," it's crucial to stay professional and stick to information that is job-related. Your answer should succinctly encapsulate your work history, relevant skills, and why you're a fitting candidate for the role. Here's how you can structure your reply:

  1. Start With Your Current Role: Briefly describe your current job and responsibilities. This sets the context for your recent professional experience.
  2. Highlight Past Experiences: Select one or two past roles or projects that showcase your qualifications and align with the job you're applying for.
  3. Convey Your Personality: While keeping it professional, let a bit of your personality shine through to make your answer memorable.
  4. Focus on Achievements: Use examples of your accomplishments that are relevant to the position to demonstrate your expertise.
  5. Conclude with Your Goals: Finally, relate how your professional journey aligns with the goals of the company or role you are interviewing for.


Keep your answer to under two minutes. Practice your response to ensure fluency but avoid sounding rehearsed. Customize your answer for each interview --- one size does not fit all jobs.

Here's a quick structure to follow:

  1. Current Role: A sentence or two about your present position and responsibilities.
  2. Past Experiences: Briefly touch on previous roles that relate to the job at hand.
  3. Key Achievements: Mention significant successes or skills you've developed.
  4. The Future: Tie it back to why you're excited about the opportunity.

Your goal is to construct your answer in a way that aligns with the potential employer's needs and shows that you're the ideal candidate for the job. Be clear and confident, highlighting your skills and accomplishments without veering off-topic or getting too personal.

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