Lending Support Liaison Intern

 Published 15 days ago
 United States
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About the Organization 

The Momentus Capital branded family of organizations - which includes Capital Impact Partners, CDC Small Business Finance, and Ventures Lending Technologies - is transforming how capital and investments flow into communities to provide people access to the capital and opportunities they deserve. We are working to reinvent traditional financial systems that have failed to address systemic issues of inequality, economic empowerment, and the widening racial wealth gap by offering a continuum of financial, knowledge, and social capital to help local leaders build inclusive and equitable communities and create generational wealth. This includes a comprehensive package of loan products, impact investment opportunities, training and business advising programs, and technology services that advance locally-led solutions. Our suite of products and services, experience, and scope will foster equitable job creation, wealth building, and economic mobility.


Position Summary

Responsibility #1: Franchise identification

Gather data to potentially expand CDC Small Business Finance's customer base through franchisors. Details as follows:

1)    Access Frandata Portal: Obtain access to the Frandata portal to retrieve information on franchisors and identify non-subscriber franchisors.

2)    Compile Spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet to organize the data. Include columns for franchisor name, contact information, website, size (e.g., number of locations, revenue), expansion plans, number of franchisees, and primary geographical locations.

3)    Research: Use online resources to gather additional key data on the identified franchisors. This includes:

a.    Contact information: Find the right party contact within each franchisor organization. This could be someone in the franchise development department or a similar role.

b.    Website: Obtain the website URL for each Franchisor.

c.    Expansion plans: Research any publicly available information on the franchisor's plans for expansion.

d.    Numbers of Franchisees: Determine how many franchisees each franchisor currently has.

e.    Primary Geography: Identify the primary geographical locations where the franchisor operates or plans to expand.

4)    Document Findings: Enter the gathered information into the spreadsheet for each franchisor.

5)    Analysis: Once the spreadsheet is populated, the intern could assist in analyzing the data to identify potential targets for customer acquisition. This might involve identifying franchisors with significant growth potential, strong geographic presence in areas of interest, or alignment with CDC Small Business Finance's target market.

6)    Feedback loop: Establish afeedback loop to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the data collected. This could involve regular check-ins with supervisors or team members to review progress and make adjustments as needed.

Responsibility #2: Follow up to applicants.

The second project will be to do follow up through our online application portal, Gateway, to applicants who have started their application, but have not yet completed it. They would send out our template follow up email and field questions as able.

Essential Responsibilities

1)    Methodical Follow-up with Applicants:

a.    Regularly review your application portal to identify applicants who have started but not completed their applications.

b.    Develop a systematic approach to follow up, ensuring every applicant is contacted.

c.     Keep track of follow-up efforts in online application portal, noting the dates and methods of contact for each applicant.

2)    Field Questions about the Loan Application Process:

a.    Familiarize themselves thoroughly with your organization's loan application process and criteria.

b.    Be prepared to answer common questions about the application requirements, eligibility criteria, documentation needed, and the overall timeline.

c.     Provide clear and concise explanations to applicants, and if needed, escalate more complex inquiries to the appropriate team member.

3)    Use Templates for Efficiency

a.    Develop standardized email templates for follow-up communication with applicants.

b. Customize the templates as needed based on the specific stage of the application process or any unique circumstances.


Professional Skills, Education and Experience

  • Good time management
  • Organizational ability, aptitude and enjoyment in creating an organized system.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Mission focused and wants to make a difference in the lives of our clients.
  • Team player.
  • Open to learning from others


The pay range for this position is $18-$20 an hour.

This position is eligible to work remotely.

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