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 Published 15 days ago
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 Our agency is not just another place to work, it’s a place to work that was designed with you in mind - your goals, your family, your desired schedule. It’s not a workplace designed for the people that run it, but rather for the people who join it.

With work being such a huge percentage of our adult life, we are striving to create a community of like-minded individuals who can talk about a meaningful career that excites them and avoid the typical description like “it’s a paycheck”.

Although we exist in the industry labeled as financial services, we believe that our greatest products are hope and opportunity.  We take seriously our commitment to the H.I.T. philosophy - which stands for Honesty, Integrity, and Trust - in all things that we do.


1.    We want to free people from the “Great Lie”.

 Middle-class America is brought up under the common belief that success follows these steps: go to school, get good grades, get a good job, and work hard. Successful entrepreneurs have been demonstrating for decades that massive success comes not from formal education, but from self-education, determination, and vision. One of our founding principles is to teach Americans that you do not need to incur 10s of thousands of dollars in school debt simply to end up in a job where you spend your life building someone else’s dreams. We are committed to teaching men and women, who join our mission, the skills necessary to earn the income they deserve, on their schedule, and enjoy meaningful work serving hardworking fellow Americans.


2.    We want to challenge each member of the team to strive for the greatest version of themselves.

 Our belief is that in order to achieve what we want, in both our personal and professional lives, requires becoming the person capable of achieving them. We promote the mentality of always being happy, but never satisfied. We operate with the understanding that the only sign of life is growth. A career with our agency is like a self-improvement movement with a compensation package attached.


3.    We are committed to building a culture that allows what’s most important to be first.

 Typical corporate American culture has created an expectation that, during “working hours”, family and other priorities should be ignored. The idea is that personal life and work life should not mix.  We believe when you engage in meaningful work, it is impossible to separate from the other areas of life you are passionate about.  A person’s family, faith, and personal lifestyle should come first; the work we do should mold around that rather than replace it eight hours a day.


4.    We see our work as a way to impact and influence the world around us, not simply a source of income.

 The work we do allows us to help solve problems and provide protection-solutions for our clients. When families we serve face some of the toughest days in their life, (i.e. the loss of a bread winner) we stand as both a source of comfort and a barrier against financial devastation.    


5.    We develop leaders.

 We believe that every great organization, household, and mission require great leadership.  We also believe that leaders are made, not born. Our culture, training program, and ongoing mentoring has woven - into its very core - the concept of developing the next generation of leaders who desire to make the biggest impact possible in our world.


 If you find our mission interesting, exciting, and in line with your core values and would like to learn more about us, please let us know! When we hear from you, you will be sent a short webinar that will give you more insight into who we are, what we do, and how we do it.



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