Frequently Asked Questions

About DailyRemote

DailyRemote helps companies find great remote talent and connect them with top candidates. We have daily updated Remote Jobs at over 2,000+ remote companies.

Jobs are posted in Software Development, Design, Support, Sales, Writing, Product, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Data Entry, Healthcare, Recruitment, Teaching, Virtual Assistant, and Other categories. Start telecommuting & working from home today with DailyRemote!

For Recuriters:

  1. How can we list a job at DailyRemote?

    Looking for a remote candidated? Great. Let's us help you accelerate your companies hiring process.
    1. Start your listing process: Post a Job.
    2. Fill out the post and company information form. We highly recommend adding a salary range to recieve more applicants.
    3. We'll provide a preview of your job listing after completing the form.
    4. preview
    5. At the end, you will be redirected to payments. No sign-up required.
    All payments are processed securely by Paddle.
  2. How much does it cost?

    Our base price is $147 to display your job for 30 days. Every remote job listed with us will be: post job preview
    1. Distributed to millions of candidates via Google Jobs Network.
    2. Job postings are sent directly via email 200K+ candidates.
    3. Job listings are tweeted for 10k+ followers and posted on Instagram.
    Also,we offer two other options to help your job posting stand-out further:
    1. Highlight your Ad (Highly Popular):

      You can to highlight your job to make it differ from other jobs at just an addition of $199.
    2. Pin your Job at the Top (Best Results):

      You can stick your job at the top of search results & our front page. First come first serve, and limited to only 5 spots. You can book your spot by paying an additional fee of $399.
    Further, 100% satisfaction guarenteed, or we'll refund you.
  3. How many days will the listing stay on the website?

    Jobs are displayed for 30 days and are not renewed automatically.
  4. How do I change or edit my job listing or renew an expired job listing?

    Please email us at - we’ll get it right for you!
  5. Can I post multiple jobs?

    We’d love to help. We provide great discounts for companies looking to bulk-post 3 or more jobs - please email us at
  6. Do you provide non-profit discounts?

    Yes! We provide discounts to registered 501c companies! Email us at, to get started.

For Remote Workers:

  1. What is a Remote Job?

    A remote job is one that is done away from the office in a remote location. You can work remotely at home or be a digital nomad and work from anywhere around the world. A remote job is one that can be done from anywhere rather than being tied to a physical workplace.

  2. How does DailyRemote help in searching Remote Jobs?

    We help people find top Remote Jobs at over 2,000+ remote companies in various fields such as Software Development, Design, Support, Sales, Writing, Product, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Data Entry, Healthcare etc.

  3. How do we get updates about the new Jobs posted?

    Join our large surbscriber base who receive daily job alerts with exclusive remote jobs, tips on remote interviewing, remote working and searching a remote jobs. It is entirely free with a low unsubscribe rate.

  4. Can we alter the frequency and category of Job Alerts?

    Manage your subscriptions by reaching manage subscriptions page mentioned in every job alert. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly frequency for job alerts in various categories such as Software Development, Design, Support, Sales, Writing, Product, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Data Entry, Healthcare, Recruitment etc.

  5. Do we provide other Remote Work Resources?

    We recommend various remote work resources such as remote gears, remote podcasts, remote work focused books and articles to read. We also publish regular remote work blogs such as tips on remote interviewing and remote working, ways to search a remote job etc to help candidated find snad stay at a remote job.

  6. How to identify a legit Remote Job?

    We published a brief summary of how to identify a legit remote job against a spammy job. If you wish to report a spam job post at DailyRemote, write us at