Some of us have been blessed with the privilege of working from home from anywhere in the world. However, for the majority of people in the US, this isn’t the case. Most of the essential workers would still have to go and attend to their work physically after these tough times are over.

However, in recent times, there has been a shift. With the increasing ubiquity and acceptance of technology, more and more people are connected online with the rise of smartphones.

Job roles that were office-only with strict 9-to-5  have been slowly converting into office not required. What does that mean for us? More and more people have access to decent jobs at the comfort of their homes. A lot more people can do jobs abroad and earn a relatively hefty salary.

We have been helping people find great work from home jobs, and more and more people each day ask us: How can they start traveling and take the reliability of an office job with them?

In this list, we are skipping some usual roles like being a Software Developer, YouTuber, etc. because a) either it's very technical or, b) the jobs already offer the freedom. We hope this will encourage you to take the leap in your career and start working remotely.


Copywriting is basically just writing in creative ways. It’s the most essential skill you probably already know how to do. You just need to leverage your inner creativity and write compelling one-liners or block of text. If you can see yourself writing landing page copy, billboard banners, or creating bright advertisement copy, then this role is for you.

Like all jobs, copywriting can be niched down. If you’re focusing on one niche, you can deem as an expert and charge your clients accordingly. Rates for copywriting starts anywhere from $8 to $150+/hr depending on how good you are.

A lot of technology companies hire copywriters for writing their technical documentation, so if you have a technical background, this might be very lucrative for you. All in all, there is no wrong or right way of doing copywriting. Content is the king, so there will always be high demand for someone who can write compelling copy.

Virtual Assistant

As the name implies, you’ll act as a backstage assistant who’ll work remotely (or virtually) and assist people with their ad-hoc tasks, admin tasks, and other small things like social media scheduling, administrative work, etc.

Like a real assistant, you’ll act on behalf by replying to non-important emails, prioritizing work, scheduling the calendar, ruthlessly cutting things to be done, etc. Expect a lot of ad-hoc requests like researching a topic or getting someone on the phone as a part of the job.


You can start consulting/freelancing at a moment’s notice if you have the know-how of certain jobs. Jobs like Marketing, Software Development, Sales, etc. have consultants in high demand.

The key here is to not be a generalist. You need to niche down hard, be the best person who knows all about a particular topic, or even better a specific slice of the issue.

When you niche down, you’ll get instant credibility in the eye of the potential employer as you’re not a person who has solved 100 different problems, but you’re the person who has addressed variations of the same issue multiple times. When somebody brings in a consultant, they are not looking for a common generalist, but a specialist.


Believe it or not, a lot of legal tasks can be accomplished on just a laptop and an internet connection. You can either become a freelancer who assists people in need of legal advice or can go and get a remote legal job.

A lot of corporations are hiring attorneys for contract negotiation, drafting policies, bylaws, or general counsel. This opens up the gateway of high paying job while being on the road.


Teaching is one of the most straightforward tasks to done online. From holding classrooms to office hours to submitting assignments. Everything can be digitized.

Being a teacher can be hard. You would have to put into the same or extra amount of face-to-face hours to make sure your students understand the modules' technical content. It also includes holding various Q&A sessions for multiple cohorts.

Though much of repetitive work can be minimized by leveraging the fact that all the classroom sessions can be recorded. Students can play them at their comfort level, which shows that teaching, when done right, can be very passive.

You can be on the road, pre-record everything, and nobody will know.

Yoga Instructor

This is probably the most amazingly unexpected job that can be done via a video call. There can be two ways to go about it. Either you can be:

a) Traveling from city to city, hosting sessions, and people native to that place can join your sessions.This can be surreal when it executes well, but you’d need to have a robust online presence, a following, or clientele before you can get to this point.

b) You can telecommute to the studio, where you can be on the big screen, and others are just following you while you perform the yoga in your home, halfway across the world.

This can be very tricky, as timezones rarely match. But we’ve seen many people do it, and make a living out of it.

Social media manager

Although this is a sub-branch of marketing, it’s special because anyone with some knowledge of social media can get up to speed in a few days. On top of it, you don’t need special software, upfront investments, etc.

You can either be a general social media manager for a client, where you will perform common actions like liking, engaging, replying, and forwarding support tickets to the team. You’ll be acting as the face of the company in front of all the followers, so you’d need to be witty and compose excellent posts.

Eventually, with expertise in this, you can later down the line start your own social media agency wherein you can service your clientele.


Translator, as the word implies, translates to or from English. You can work from pretty much anywhere since you’d either have to type or dictate, or record the translation. Translators for foreign language, where only a few understand it correctly, can get you very high hourly rates.

This doesn’t require any extra skill from your part, just the fact that you’d need to be Bilingual, meaning you can speak two languages fluently. If you’re bilingual, you can leverage the fact and start translating from your native language.


Healthcare is one of the most significant industry which relies on person-to-person meetings, but some less logistically cumbersome tasks are getting moved to online systems. Telehealth is becoming huge, which enables long-distance patient and clinician contact, care.

You can be a Therapist and take your clients online. Or, you can be a nurse that provides instant answers to urgent and acute healthcare questions. Your responsibility as healthcare workers shifts from providing to triaging while telecommuting.It’s very unconventional but most definitely can be done from home.


Recruiting and HR jobs have been something that startups and companies delegate to other agencies. It’s been like this for many years now, which means it’s straightforward to go remote being a Recruiter or HR.

Primary responsibility would be to implement policies, office logistics, sourcing of candidates, and enabling proper pipeline for interviews. Generally, all of these things can be done without any in-person meeting.


Despite widespread belief, coaching can be done remotely. Coaching is a very lucrative role, as more and more people are looking to improve their performance.

You can be coaching from individuals just starting their own company to CEOs of fortune 500 companies. There are a huge market and demand for coaching. The best part — you get paid a hefty sum of money since your clientele can be wary.

Creating/ Selling Courses

If you know anything about anything, you can create a course, put it online, drive traffic, and earn a lot of money. There is so much upside. First, you won’t be working for anybody. Nobody can fire you. Second, it’s passive. You don’t have to actively work to meet both ends. Third, there is no ceiling. Unlike time, which is limited, you can earn virtually unlimited amounts of money.

Only downside? Building an audience. Before you create a course and put your effort into it, make sure you have people who’d wanna buy the courses and would benefit from it.

To host a course, visit various online websites like Podia, Teachable, Udemy, and put up the course there.


Blogging is the prime example of how one can work remotely, earn decent money, and not think twice. The excellent part about blogging is that you’re self-employed, which means you can’t be fired. It’s not restrictive: you can be a part-time or a full-time blogger. Your mileage may vary depending on how much effort you put into it.

The bad part about blogging is that it’s a long term game. Acquiring traffic, posting with consistency even when there is no traffic, etc. are a few of the challenges you’ll face.

Despite all the lowlights, blogging remains essentially the go-to means of working remotely. You can register a domain, connect with Wordpress, and start blogging under 1 hour. No other means can give you so much flexibility.

We really hope this list would people affected and searching for non-tech jobs to make money and work from home.

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