Hi, I’m Ali Pruitt, a Remote Work Productivity and Lifestyle Consultant. Freedom, flexibility, curiosity, and growth are the core values of the work I do. Early on in my remote work journey, I recognized that to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of remote work, it needed to be managed and required to be as efficient as possible.

Now, I teach others how to do the same! Using time management and productivity techniques, working through mindset adjustments, digging into roadblocks and challenges, along with support and accountability for a sustainable change, I help you get shit done at work so you can unplug, having more time to focus; on what’s important - you!

Current Gig?

I am the Founder and Consultant of Fully Remote with Ali

Current Computer, Mobile, etc.

MacBook Pro-13 , iPhone 11

Where can we follow you on the Internet?

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Website.

Describe how you work in 10 words or less?

Plan personal and then work. Reflect, adjust, and celebrate daily.

Tell us a little bit about your background & how did you get started with remote work?

I had experienced a few years of burnout at an office job and was beyond ready for a change. Exhausted and desperate, I wanted to move and start over. Not knowing where I wanted to live and not wanting a job to dictate where I lived, I set out to find a remote job.

I landed a remote job as a SaaS onboarding consultant in a fully remote, international company. Immediately, I set out to find my new home. However, I quickly realized I had more freedom and flexibility than I had initially thought. Somewhere along the way became a digital nomad traveling to different countries.

I’m grateful to have worked for a remote company that was focused on the future of work. I learned a lot there. I also learned quickly how to get my shit done at work so I could enjoy my newly redesigned life. I kicked ass at work and life!

After losing my job due to the current situation, I knew I wanted to continue my lifestyle and help the many people going remote to the freedom and flexibility as much as I did. I’m so thankful for the journey that has brought me to this point, allowing me to help so many struggling with the challenges of remote work.

Take us through your typical weekday?

Routines are essential to stay balanced and to thrive in a remote work lifestyle. Each morning I wake up naturally to the sun coming in the windows. Next, I have some me-time which includes energy work, affirmations, and meditation. I listen to a podcast as I make and eat breakfast. This helps me transition into work.

I start my workday diving into LinkedIn for engagement. Each day may differ a bit depending on meetings and current projects but always planned ahead of time. I often take long lunches since my deep focus time is typically between 3-5 pm naturally. We suggest following a laid-out work from home schedule to increase productivity and efficiency.

To end my day, I have a daily wrap-up ritual to help me to feel good about what I accomplished and set me up for success the next day. I know that the way I end my day determines how my next day starts. Getting enough rest is how I start my days off successfully!

What’s your workspace setup like?

My workspace sets up and breaks down quickly because I work from cafes and restaurants. It always includes my Nexstand and a notepad also used as a mousepad. I do prefer a stand-up workspace if I can secure accommodations that have it.


What apps, gadgets, or tools can’t you live without?

How do you keep track of what you need to prioritize?

I first start with mind-mapping on my window with a dry erase marker. Then I break down tasks into Amazing Marvin.

I like to see my projects, the tasks for them, and my meetings all in one place AND calendar view. Finding a task management app that allows me to plan my tasks (with durations) around my conferences and appear on the same calendar was challenging. Amazing Marvin, let’s me do that.

We recommend following a daily routine and maintaining a to-do list while working remotely. Turn the productivity ship around by following simple tips.

How do you recharge or take a break?

Well, it depends on where I am! Each new country/location offers something different. During the workweek:

  • A walk on the beach or in the city center
  • A massage or pedicure in the middle of the workday is always a treat!
  • A long lunch at a cute outdoor cafe or restaurant
  • Netflix

Weekends and Vacation:

  • Long weekend getaways to explore
  • If staying home, I love to sleep in on Saturday mornings.
  • Meet friends for brunch
  • Vacations are often for spending time with family and friends

What are you reading currently? What do you recommend?

Running on Empty No More by Jonice Webb, which is the follow up to Running on Empty that I read last year while in lockdown. I highly recommend these books.

What qualities would you recommend are a must-have for a person seeking a remote job?

To be self-aware, flexible, and nimble/agile. Go over our guide to see how companies hire remote employees and learn essential qualities a remote worker must have.

What, according to you are the pros and cons of remote work?

Obviously, being a remote work advocate, I see more pros than cons. This doesn't mean I haven't faced cons or challenges and worked through them. I can say loneliness is a downside and one of the main struggles remote workers face, but there are ways around this and skills you can learn to help. So for me, even when arriving in a new location, loneliness is no longer a struggle I face.


  • The freedom and flexibility
  • Having more time for the things in life you enjoy
  • The ability to work from anywhere (you need to be a digital nomad to work remotely)
  • The opportunity (if you choose to take it) to focus on personal development and growth
  • Fewer distractions and more productive


  • Loneliness
  • Adjusting the mindset from office to remote work can be challenging at first
  • The time, effort, and energy that needs to go in to travel planning/arrangements. It is essential to take care of your mental health while working remotely
  • Learning that you need to be your advocate at work.

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