A good pair of headphones goes a long way, especially if you are in a remote job. Be at the noisy cafe you're working remotely in or, be it the discomfort you face in your ears during the long meetings you take while working at home. Or just for the merriment and listening to music.

Headphones can cancel the noise like a champion, thereby helping you in focusing on your work and supporting the remote work trend like a pro. Headphones have come a long way with so many features that you can't count on your fingers.

Best Headphones for Working From Home

Here are our top picks:

1.Bose QuietComfort 35

These are probably the headphones you've heard about the most. That's because they are ridiculously a good pair of headphones. They tick almost all the points noted for a good headphone and goes beyond that.

Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones are comfortable and have an amazing physical controller that you can learn in a few seconds. These headphones sound true to life and have the best in class noise cancellation available in any headphone on the market. Bose QuietComfort's noise cancellation is genuinely a benchmark.

Since you work remotely, long battery life is not just essential but a necessity. It rocks a 20-hour battery, perfect for a long international flight for frequent flyers. The built-in microphone is excellent, and the noise-cancellation is helpful during those  long calls as well. Battery life is perfect for long days.

It comes with a 1/8" cable that will allow you to listen to music even when the batteries are dead.

The best part about Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones is passive noise canceling when the battery dies. People in remote jobs can thus easily rely on these headphones as they could last for a considerable amount of time while you work in a cafe or when you work from home.

You can connect up to 2 devices simultaneously for a quick switch. Use the Bose Connect app to adjust the level of noise cancellation, unlock Bose AR, enable music sharing, manage Bluetooth connections, and access software updates.

Bad parts:

  • They leak a considerable amount of sound.
  • Some users report updating the headphones with new firmware broke the headphones.

2. Audio Technica ATH-MX50x

Audio Technica is a name you can trust when it comes to quality headphones. This headphone has a comfortable fit, even after hours of continuous use. Sound isolation is up to the par with Bose QuietComfort headphones.

It has a long battery life, which can last up to 40 hours on continuous use. We would really suggest these headphones for anybody working remotely or from home. Earcup sports both the Mic and button controls. The Bluetooth range and connectivity are fantastic.

Audio Technica ATH-MX50x headphones have a durable construction that can easily last you a few years. Sporting a super sturdy hinge for all direction rotation.

The bad part: It has a relatively flat sound profile, although fit and comfort can make up for it. It's a much cheaper alternative priced at $159 but still on the pricey side.

3. Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

From old day Sony Walkman to the new age Sony Headphones, they have kept up with the competition. And this headphone is no different.

Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones have effective noise cancellation, better if not similar to Bose's QuietComfort headphones.

Battery life is incredible, which supports people working from home or digital nomads as well. Sony claims that the noise reduction is 4x better than before. Although it has a subpar microphone, making this terrible for making phone calls or meetings.

It's a bit Bass-heavy, but you can tailor it to your liking however you like from the app. You can download an App from Sony for customization.

Like any modern-day device, these are charged via a USB-C port, so you don't need to carry an extra pair of the charger with you.

Sony has extraordinary ergonomics. Zero fatigue when worn for 4-5 hours straight. No hot, red, and sweaty ears. No clamping pressure. Just pure pleasure.

4. Apple Airpods Pro

Like every Apple product, Pro denotes a higher-end product. Compare to the normal Airpods 2 with a wireless charging case, Airpods Pro is a mere $50 more in price with a whole lot of features in a tiny package.

They come with a wireless charging case by default.

These are a breath of fresh air from the old Airpods design: Smaller stem and rubberized tip. A distinct large back colored airflow grill for air passage.

The charging case has wireless charging by default, which is very helpful for people working remotely. It's of the same thickness as of the previous generation but slightly wider. This case is still very pocketable.

Airpods Pro has 2 noise-canceling modes: Active noise canceling tries to block out outside noise while listening to music. I'd say it drowns out maybe 70% of all the noise. If you're used to totaling noise-out, then this is probably a let-down.

Transparency mode tries to pick out what's going around and can push that noise through the air grill. Think of it as open ear headsets. You're able to hear both outside sound and music same time. Unlike some in-ear headsets, the black airflow grills prevent you from hearing yourself in your head when you talk.

Like most in-ear headphones, the black air grill prevents the build-up of in-ear air pressure. Since air can move freely across the ear boundary, the uneasy feeling associated with in-ear headphones goes away with Airpods Pro.

Apple moved controls from being tap-based to be squeeze based. You can expect a battery life of 4-5 hours on a single charge with active noise cancellation turned on.

Good value for money if you're already an Airpod user and looking for an upgrade. All the goodies like the ease of connectivity etc. come with Pro version too. Sound is not Audiophile quality but not that bad also.

5. Sony WF-1000XM3  Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds:

Sony industry-leading noise cancellation evolves in a truly wireless design, with industry leading noise canceling powered by Sony’s proprietary HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1e. Form meets function with up to 24 total hours of battery life with quick charging, touchpad controls, premium sound quality, and smart features like Wearing Detection and Quick Attention Mode.

Extra-long battery life with quick charging and Sony claims a battery life up to 24 hours with carrying case (with a 10min quick charge for 90min of playtime). Also, these earbuds come with built-in Alexa Voice Control with Alexa enabled for voice access to music, information, and more.

It provides smart listening by adaptive sound control automatically switches to ambient sound mode based on your activity. With 24bit audio signal processing and best in class signal-to-noise ratio, this Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds dramatically improve the sound quality of whatever you choose to listen to.

6. JBL Tune T120TWS  Wireless, in-Ear Headphone:

JBL  introduces the new JBL Tune T120TWS  Wireless, in-Ear Headphone. They are powerful in sound thanks to a 5.8mm driver featuring JBL Pure Bass sound and colorful in design.

These earbuds, combined with the elegantly designed portable charging case provide 16 hours of unrestrained musical enjoyment with long-lasting comfort. It is equipped with intuitive and handy controls that are conveniently located on each earpiece, including one-click access to Siri and Google Now.

It promises JBL Pure Bass Sound and 4H Playback for Earbuds along with 12H for Charging Case with affordable and stylish design.


These are the most fabulous headphones we would suggest anybody can use but are primarily a must for people who work remotely. Are you searching for a remote job and need help finding where to look? We are a remote job board with the latest jobs in various categories to help you. Try these best remote jobs for new moms and join like-minded people in our LinkedIn community.