One of the main reasons why many people are attracted to working remotely is the ability to live anywhere. If you want to live in a particular city, there are certain things that you need to know before moving there. The following cities make it easier to work remotely and enjoy all they offer.

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city with a lot of charm. It has amazing architecture, great food, and lots of green space. Lisbon has become one of the most popular cities for digital nomads because it offers everything you could want from a location: good weather, beautiful scenery, and an active social scene.

Lisbon is also home to many other cities in Portugal that are also great for remote workers. For example, Porto is less than two hours away by train and has its unique culture and vibe. The city has excellent Wi-Fi coverage, so you'll never be far from an internet connection. There are also plenty of coworking spaces and cafes where you can work remotely.

The city of Lisbon has embraced digital nomadism so much that there are now coworking spaces specifically for digital nomads and offers digital nomad visas! The best ones are Dogma Coworking and Cowork Lisboa, which both have great locations and minds for the future of work.

2. Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the most popular cities for remote workers and digital nomads. The city has been a leader in technology for years, with companies like Dell and AMD based there. But it's also a great place to live remotely, with plenty of things to do, great weather, and friendly culture.

Austin has a thriving startup scene with tons of coworking spaces to choose from. The city also has plenty of coworking options for those who don't want to pay for a desk space but still want the benefits of working alongside others.

The city is home to many tech meetups that unite entrepreneurs and coders across Texas. Here are some of the tech meetups.

  • Austin Startup Week
  • Austin New Tech Meetup (formerly known as South By Southwest)
  • Meetup groups dedicated to specific technologies like Ruby on Rails or Drupal.

3. Denver, Colorado

Denver is a fantastic city for those who want to work remotely. The cost of living is low, the weather is great, and plenty of companies offer remote work opportunities.

It's also home to several coworking spaces that support remote workers, including The Denver Coworking Center and Galvanizes. The city has an active community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs who regularly meet at events like the Denver Startup Week.

The Denver Digital Nomad Meetup Group organizes monthly events around the city where you can meet fellow digital nomads and get advice from those who have been there before you. Here are some reasons why Denver is one of the top cities to work remotely:

  • The Denver Metro area has an excellent public transportation system that includes light rail and bus lines. This makes it easy for remote workers to get around town without relying on cars or taxis. There are also plenty of bike lanes and trails throughout the city that make cycling easy and enjoyable.
  • Denver has an extremely low cost of living compared to other major cities like New York City or Los Angeles. This means that it's easier on your pocketbooks when living in this city than in other places in America where you'd have to spend more money on rent or groceries just because they're so expensive.
  • Because Denver is such a big city, many different things are going on all month long, so whether you're looking for something fun or educational, there will be something available for you.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It is a diverse and vibrant place with lots to do and see. The city is also very modern, with some of Asia's best restaurants, hotels, and entertainment. However, it also has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years.

Bangkok is a great place for remote workers because many coworking spaces are available throughout the city. You can also find plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can work without worrying about noise or people bothering you.

There are also many places to stay while working remotely in Bangkok. Plenty of hostels offer dorm rooms where dozens of people can stay together in one space. These hostels are often located near public transport stops, so they can easily commute between work locations throughout the day.

5. Lima, Peru

Lima is a city with a lot of energy, a vibrant culture, and great food. Peru's capital has been attracting a lot of attention from digital nomads over the last few years, and it's no surprise when you consider how easy it is to live there remotely.

The cost of living in Lima is low compared to other cities worldwide, and there are plenty of coworking spaces where you can work daily. Plenty of meetups and events are available throughout the year if you want to meet up with other digital nomads.

6. Madeira, Portugal

The best part about Madeira is that it's not just a beautiful place to visit-it's also a great place to work remotely. The city has been working hard to attract more tech companies and digital nomads over the last few years, and it's been very successful.

This city is on our list of top cities. Many coworking spaces are available in Madeira, and most have free or low-cost memberships for remote workers who want to join. There are also several co-living options available if you want to live in a community with other digital nomads.

7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The city is the largest in Vietnam and is home to nearly 8 million people. It's also known as Saigon and was once the capital of South Vietnam. The city's bustling economy has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

The city's excellent transportation infrastructure makes it easy for remote workers to get around town. It also has plenty of coworking spaces, hotels, and cafes with free Wi-Fi for digital nomads looking for a place to work remotely.

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the top places to work remotely because it provides an excellent environment for freelancers and digital nomads who want to live and work in a foreign country without worrying about language barriers or cultural differences.

8. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is a city in Canada. It is the largest city in Canada by population and the 5th largest city in North America. Toronto is very accessible by air, road, and water. This makes it a great place to live or visit as a digital nomad. Many coworking spaces support remote workers in Toronto, including the Annex Coworking Space and the Cube.

9. Madrid, Spain

The city of Madrid is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe. It's also a great place for digital nomads to work remotely. The capital of Spain has everything you need to get started as a remote worker: good Internet connectivity, coworking spaces, and a vibrant digital nomad community.

Madrid is one of the most expensive cities in Europe - but it's easy to live cheaply here when you're living remotely. The city offers plenty of cheap accommodation options in neighborhoods like Lavapi and Malasa. These neighborhoods are also great for making friends and meeting people who can help you find jobs and make new friends.

Madrid has an excellent public transportation system that makes it easy to get around town even if you don't speak Spanish fluently yet. And if you need extra help with language skills or getting settled into the city, there are plenty of English-speaking ex-pats living here who would be happy to help.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most popular cities in Europe to work remotely, and it's no surprise why. A beautiful city with a rich history, Prague offers many opportunities to get out and explore. The city also has a thriving digital nomad community, with plenty of meetups and coworking spaces.

The city has become increasingly popular in recent years with remote workers, mainly due to its low cost of living compared with other European cities such as Amsterdam or London. Prague has a population of 1.3 million and is home to many universities; it's also known for its architecture, beer culture, and museums.

11. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a top city for remote workers. It offers a thriving tech scene and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. The city's population has grown by more than 41% since 2000, and it's expected to grow rapidly.

In addition to Atlanta's digital nomad community, many coworking spaces provide an ideal environment for remote workers. The city has a rich cultural scene with plenty of restaurants and bars and outdoor activities like hiking and swimming.

In addition to having great financial support for remote work, Atlanta also has excellent weather all year round (which makes it perfect for working outside).

12. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a paradise for digital nomads and remote workers. It has beautiful beaches, amazing food, and friendly people. The cost of living is also quite low compared to other popular digital nomad destinations such as Thailand or Malaysia.

The island offers many coworking spaces and co-living locations perfect for digital nomads who want to work remotely while traveling. If you are looking for a place to stay while working remotely in Bali, check out these options:

  • Nomad House Bali: A community house where you can rent a room or an apartment on short notice. They also offer free Wi-Fi and other amenities such as breakfast and laundry service.
  • CoWorking Bali: A shared office space with private offices available for booking. This coworking space is right next to the airport, so it's easy to get into town quickly when needed or get back home when your day is over.

13. Miami, Florida

Miami is a top city to work remotely. The city has a large population of young people and professionals willing to work remotely. This has led to the creation of many coworking spaces and community groups that support remote workers.

14. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is another top city for remote work. In the past few years, Cape Town has become a hotspot for digital nomads looking for a place to stay with a low cost of living, good weather, and friendly people. The city has several coworking spaces and cafes that allow you to work from anywhere in the world.

15. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is quickly becoming one of Europe's most popular destinations for digital nomads and remote workers. The city has been nominated as one of the best places to work remotely by Forbes and Lonely Planet, among others.

It's easy to spend a couple of months here without spending too much money, especially compared to other European destinations like Barcelona or Berlin. Plus, it's fairly easy to get around town using public transportation or walking around town.

16. Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a city in Spain with a population of 5 million people. It's the third largest city in the country and is located in the region of Valencia. The city has been popular among digital nomads for years because it's one of the best cities to work remotely in Europe.

The city has a strong internet infrastructure, which makes it easy to get fast, reliable connections at a low cost. There are also plenty of coworking spaces where you can work on your projects or collaborate with others.

17. Berlin, Germany

The German capital is a great place to live and work remotely. Berlin has been a global tech hub for years and is only improving. The city's startup scene is booming, with over 1,500 startups located in the city's startup hub, the Factory. It's also home to some of Europe's most innovative companies, like SoundCloud, Zendesk, and Delivery Hero.

Besides being a great city for startups and businesses, Berlin is one of Europe's most affordable places to live. It has an excellent public transportation system and plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can work for hours without feeling disturbed by other people or noise.

18. Singapore, Singapore

Singapore is an excellent place for digital nomads who want access to a big city's amenities without paying high rent or having to deal with crowded public transportation systems. The country has low taxes, a highly educated workforce, and plenty of opportunities for ex-pats worldwide.

19. Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is the second most populous borough of New York City, located at the western end of Long Island. It's also home to dozens of tech companies, including Etsy and Makerbot, which use Brooklyn as their headquarters for its affordable space and creative community.

20. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is one of the most livable cities in the world, and it's also extremely friendly to remote workers. It was named one of the top five best cities for digital nomads by GoNomad.

The city has abundant coworking spaces like Blue Sky Hub and Business Hive Melbourne that offer independent workers access to desks, meeting rooms, and other amenities at reasonable rates.

21. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a well-known city for remote workers and digital nomads. It's home to many companies that support remote working, including Skyscanner, FreeAgent, and Babbel.

The city is also home to Hubud, a coworking space that caters specifically to digital nomads. They offer coworking memberships as well as host events aimed at helping freelancers and remote workers thrive in Edinburgh.

22. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is another great place for digital nomads who want to work remotely from Europe. The city has a thriving startup scene, with more than 85 startups founded every month in Vienna alone.

The capital of Austria offers excellent public transportation and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities if you're not working on your laptop all day long.

23. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is an ideal place for digital nomads and remote workcation. This beautiful city has the highest density of tech startups in Canada and is also home to big companies like Hootsuite and PlentyOfFish.

The city is very welcoming to digital nomads, with many coworking spaces dedicated to supporting them. The cost of living in Vancouver is higher than most other cities on this list - but so are salaries. Because of its booming tech scene and gorgeous location on the Pacific Ocean, you can expect a high standard of living in Vancouver.

24. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is one of the coolest cities in the world, thanks to its laid-back vibe and stunning natural surroundings. It's also home to many startups and high-growth tech companies such as Xero and TradeMe (the equivalent of eBay).

If you're looking for a laid-back beach town where you can enjoy good food and wine while working remotely - Wellington might be just what you're looking for.

25. Bridgetown, Barbados

This Caribbean island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It's also home to some great coworking spaces, like the new Barbados Workspace, which has an open-plan office and a private meeting room.

It's in a prime location downtown, next door to a busy street full of restaurants, stores, and galleries. The city's active digital nomad community hosts regular meetups at local cafes and coworking spaces. The Nomads Bridgetown meetup group has more than 1,000 members on Meetup.

Wrapping Up

If you're looking up to start working remotely, you might be wondering where the best place is to head your search. This list is designed to give you a few great options; these are places where living costs are low and jobs are plentiful, making it easier to earn a decent enough salary to freelance or work online.

And while it might seem intimidating at first to consider breaking out on your own, it turns out that it's a pretty in-demand move-so don't be afraid.

If you are looking for a remote job, DailyRemote provides a many remote jobs for people looking for flexible work opportunities. Another way is by joining remote work communities; you can meet other nomads and find out where they are currently working.

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