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Job Description

We're not just another agency, and we're searching for someone who is looking for a job as unique as we are. 

Elevate your career as our Full Stack Tech Lead, where you'll be at the forefront of digital evolution. Navigate the frontend nebulae with JS, JQuery, and Vue, and delve into the backend cosmos with PHP, Laravel, and WordPress

Your mission spans from crafting WordPress templates to fine-tuning plugins and optimizing website loading speeds. With a meticulous approach, conduct manual testing, self-code reviews, respond promptly to potential website crashes using WHM/Cpanel, and more

In return, we offer great salaries, a growth-oriented work culture, and out-of-this-world benefits that are sure to make you feel like you're walking on the moon.

The heart of Regex SEO is expressed in our brand essence - "We Care"

At Regex, we care about our clients, our teammates, the work we do, and, of course, you!

  • We value Data over gut feelings (let the numbers guide us!)
  • We value Transparency over image (that’s right, no secrets!)
  • We value Solutions over problem-dwelling (challenge accepted!)
  • We value Enthusiasm over complacency (let passion fuel us!)
  • We value Mastery in something over mediocrity in everything (you might even catch us doing a happy dance when we nail a project)

If you're looking for a team that's totally committed to delivering awesome results while having a blast doing it, then come join us! We promise you won't find a more caring, passionate, and downright awesome crew anywhere else.

Your Role

As our Full Stack Tech Lead, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Program websites
  • Develop frontend components of websites (JS, jQuery, Vue)
  • Develop backend components for websites (PHP, Laravel, WordPress)
  • Develop templates for WordPress
  • Conduct manual testing using a checklist
  • Perform code reviews periodically
  • Serve websites on the server using WHM/cPanel (promptly respond to website crashes)
  • Make hotfixes to sites (if necessary)
  • Participate in the process of estimating the complexity of tasks
  • In the event of an urgent email from a client, you will be responsible for addressing, fixing, and replying to the client

The Perks 

  • 64 Days of Paid Time Off - Including a paid 2 week holiday rest at the end of the year and monthly recharge days

  • Professional Development - Budgets for courses, tools, tech, and conferences to help you grow your career

  • Mental Health Recharge - We encourage team members to take 2 days off to recharge every month completely covered by the company

  • Paid Vacation - We offer a minimum 1 week paid vacation. On top of a paid 2 week holiday rest at the end of the year.

  • Parental Leave - We offer a paid 3 month paternity/maternity leave for new parents

  • Flexible Schedules - You are free to create your own schedules as long as the work gets done

  • Fully Remote - Our company is fully remote. If you prefer an office environment we will cover your coworking memberships. We can cover your internet too!

  • Profit Shares - Profits are split amongst the whole team at the end of the year

Full list of benefits at: https://apply.workable.com/regexseocareers/

Earnings for this position range from $2000 to $3000/month

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Skills and Traits that Set You Apart

A candidate who will thrive in this position will demonstrate the following qualities and work practices:

  • Lone Wolf Skills: You are a self-sufficient problem solver who can take charge and find efficient solutions with little direction or guidance

  • Detail Dynamo: You're the go-to for catching the small stuff. Every detail, big or small, gets your sharp-eyed attention, making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Stellar Troubleshooter: In the fast-paced galaxy of tasks, you thrive on handling ad-hoc urgencies like a seasoned space captain. Whether it's fixing glitches or responding to sudden client needs, you navigate through urgent matters with agility, ensuring a smooth trajectory for projects in the ever-evolving cosmic landscape.

  • WebWeaver Extraordinaire: Crafting online realms is your cosmic artistry. With coding as your shuttle, you intricately weave websites into existence, each line of script contributing to a tapestry of functionality

Experience Requirements (In order to be considered for this role, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements and qualifications)

  • Bilingual in Russian and English, with the ability to convey information clearly and accurately in both languages.

  • Proven track record in full-stack development for a minimum of 3 years, with a preference for candidates who have additional experience in a leadership role.

  • Hands-on experience with Apache, Nginx, and cPanel/WHM, highlighting a strong technical foundation in server management and administration.

  • Hands-on experience with Cloudflare, highlighting a strong technical foundation in leveraging cloud-based services for web optimization and security.

  • Demonstrated expertise in coding, debugging, and optimizing PHP applications across multiple versions, including 5.6, 7+, and 8+.

  • Hands-on experience in implementing and maintaining WordPress websites, ensuring optimal performance, security, and usability.

  • In-depth knowledge and practical experience in Laravel development, with a minimum of 3 years working on diverse projects.

  • In-depth knowledge and practical experience in JavaScript development, with a minimum of 3 years working on diverse projects.

  • In-depth knowledge and practical experience in jQuery development, with a minimum of 3 years incorporating it into various projects.

  • In-depth knowledge and practical experience in Vue.js development, with a minimum of 3 years working on diverse projects.

  • In-depth knowledge and practical experience in CSS development, with a minimum of 3 years working on diverse projects.

  • If you have knowledge or experience in the following, it's a huge plus: Docker, Freelance/Marketing Agency work, Twilio, SendGrid, and SEO (basic technical tasks, goal settings, call tracking).